Community Gardening Day, May 26

Want to help us plant our outdoor gardens? We will be doing a large planting activity to get our beds ready for the season. We need help planting and mulching the beds. Join us Thursday, May 26th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch will be served! Please RSVP.

With your help, we can get a month’s worth of work done in just 1 day! 

We will be forming teams, and each team will have a leader to help get the beds planted according to plan and provide training.  We also need a few people to help grill lunch for the group. The beds will already be prepped, and the design for each bed will be mapped. Team leaders (Horticulture Division Staff) will organize their groups to lay out the plants according to plan, dig them in, water and mulch the beds. 

We will work until around noon, then break for lunch.  

Lunch will be served! Hot dogs with fixins, chips, and beverages will be the bill of fare. 

View photos of last year here.

Questions? call 410-396-0008 or write us

RSVP here!