Photo Policy and Permits

The Rawlings Conservatory is a beautiful location, with a display that changes every day. Bright flowers, varied foliage, and unique garden features make it easy to frame a spectacular image. This “museum of plants” is a popular spot to take snapshots and capture memories – and is becoming a preferred site for group photography, like photo shoots, clubs, and classes. Due to the high demand, we have photo guidelines for all visitors, and policies in place to accommodate the high demand and avoid conflicts with scheduled events.

Garden visitors are welcome to take photos of the plants and grounds, for non-commercial use. Please review the general photography guidelines below. We request that any published amateur photography be credited with the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory as the location.

All group photography and professional or commercial photography must apply for and be issued a photo permit. Fees may apply. For example, indoor and outdoor photo shoots for weddings, family portraits, including fashion shoots and classes, or any photos to be used for advertising, head shots, portfolio pieces, or other commercial outlets, must be scheduled in advance and be issued a photo permit. Groups of amateur photographers – like photo clubs and classes – are welcome, but should schedule visits ahead of time and submit a photo permit application.

Photo permits are required for groups to accommodate high demand and to avoid conflicts with other scheduled events at the gardens. Please read and understand the indoor and outdoor photo policies for more information.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to check availability of your preferred date, please write to or call 410-396-0008.

Please note: our photo policies have recently changed, due to our response to COVID-19. Please review the policies, changes are in blue.

HRPC Photo Policy Interiors 2020 COVID-19

HPRC Photo Policy Outdoor Gardens 2020 COVID-19

HPRC Photo Permit Application 2020 COVID-19


All documents are in PDF format. To fill out an application in PDF:

– Download the application using the link above.
– Open the document and click “sign” (upper right hand side).
– Click “add text.”
– Click in each field to fill out.
– “save as”
– Attach to e-mail and send to: photos at rawlingsconservatory dot org
– An HPRC staff member will e-mail you back within a few days to let you know if your application is approved or not.

 Guidelines for all garden users and photographers

– Remain on grass or pathways, and keep pathways accessible and safe for other garden visitors.
– Keep your feet on the ground; do not climb trees or walls, do not stand on benches.
– Respect our gardens; do not stand in garden beds or planting areas, and do not move or remove flowers, branches or leaves – do not pick flowers.
– Photography must not interfere with other visitors’ enjoyment of the Conservatory – please remain aware of other visitors.
– Tripods and mono-pods are permitted, EXCEPT on weekends during flower displays or during special events.
– Keep equipment out of garden beds, and planted areas. As above, be aware of pathways and other visitors. All above applies to your equipment as well as your person.